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What Is The SoulPod?

We’re A Community of Individuals Seeking Continual Growth

The SoulPod is a group of individuals who have made the conscious decision to pursue their best selves. The paramount belief within this group is that in order to become the best “anything” in life, you must first become the best version of yourself!

This thought, along with the consistent and persistent pursuit of optimization, is vital for those seeking to grow and improve in all areas of life. Through experience, we have seen how an abundant and free mindset can change someone’s life.

It is our hope that you answer the call within your soul to be curious, to seek your best live, and start the journey of becoming the very best you!

SoulPod University Instructors

The Experts Bringing You Next Level Education
Templeton Walker
Templeton WalkerThe Visionary
Templeton is an Arizona native, growing up in the small, but magical, National Park called Grand Canyon. As a husband to a beautiful wife and father to amazing children, he realized a life of freedom was the most important thing a person could have!

As the co-founder of SoulPod, SoulPod University, TLP Ventures, Templeton Group, South Rim Investments and Silo Title, Templeton has created a large portfolio and strategic partnerships which provide him the freedom to choose his days, his passions and his time. Ultimately, he wants to build companies and people into the very best version of themselves and he hope that you will join this amazing tribe!

Rodolfo Licon
Rodolfo LiconSystems And Processes
Rodolfo moved from Mexico to Arizona when he was 19 years old to pursue of his Industrial Engineering degree. However, his entrepreneurial passion led him to dream of a life of freedom and financial independence through passive income in the real estate industry!

Since partnering with Templeton in SoulPod, SoulPod University and TLP Ventures, Rodolfo has focused his true super power of streamlining and systematizing processes to remove inefficiencies and allow the businesses to experience incredible growth! His passion today is to continue expanding and integrating new ventures as well as to help others who have a similar goal in mind!




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